The Sign of the Cross
My All-Time Favourite Catholic Sites

because my beloved Facebook note containing them clean disappeared. =( (that means, this list doesn’t have my latest additions! St Isidore ora pro me.)
(Incidentally, that’s how this tumblog came to be — because my favourite note, a compilation about the Sign of the Cross, had been missing for many months and I was so happy when it momentarily came back to life when I switched to Timeline! Following which I spent 2 crazy days transferring everything over to Tumblr. =D)

Dominican friar

Official Church Sites
UK Priest
US Conference of Catholic Bishops
Vatican: The Holy See
Veritas! The Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore

Giga-Catholic Information:

Religious Orders/Vocations
Religious Vocation:
Paths of Love:
Catholic Vocations Ministry Australia:
A Nun’s Life:
No Greater Love:
Abbey of St. Walburga:
Benedictine Abbey of Regina Laudis:
Benedictines monks: Conception Abbey
Camaldolese Benedictine Oblates:
St. Benedict’s Abbey, Kansas:
Carmelitana Collection:
Carmelite Monks of the Immaculate Heart of Mary:
Carmelites of Eldridge:
Discalced Carmelites:
Discalced Carmelite Nuns of Goonellabah, Australia:
Byzantine Discalced Carmelites:
Carthusian Monks & Nuns:
Daughters of St. Paul:
Dominican Nuns of Summit, NJ:
Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist:
Franciscan Friars of the Renewal:
Franciscans of the Immaculate:
Capuchin Franciscans:
The Franciscan Archive:
Order of the Holy Cross:
Passionist Nuns of St. Joseph Monastery:
Poor Clare Colettines:
Poor Clare Colettines of Ty Mam Duw:
Jesuits in Singapore:
The Bombay Jesuits:
Marians of the Immaculate Conception:
Marist Fathers - Society of Mary in Ireland:
Missionaries of Charity Fathers:

Archdiocesan Crisis Coordination Team [ACCT]:
Catholic Welfare Services Singapore:
Family Life Society:
Jesuit Refugee Service [JRS]:
Marymount Centre:
House of Grace (Haifa, Israel):
CNEWA (Catholic Near East Welfare Association):

Science & Faith
He Was Crucified - reflections on the Passion by a medical doctor:
Leave the Lights On - A Catholic Magazine of Science & Reason:
Mary Meets Dolly - A Catholic’s Guide to Genetics, Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology:
Second Sight:
The Catholic Laboratory - Over 1000 years of Catholic Science:
The Deeps of Time - Science & the Catholic Faith:
The Shroud of Turin:

Eucharistic Miracles of the World - Catalogue of the Vatican International Exhibition:
Faith of the Father - Approved Apparitions:
In Defense of the Cross:
Incorrupt Bodies of the Saints:
Miracles of the Eucharist:
Miracles of the Eucharist - Buenos Aires, Argentina:
PDT’s Prophets, Visions, Miracles & Signs from God:
Signs, Wonders & Miracles:
Stigmatist Catalina Katya Rivas of Cochabamba, Bolivia:
The Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary:
The Miracle Hunter - Marian Apparitions:
Visions of Jesus Christ:

A Biblical Case for the Catholic Faith:
A Challenge to Christians - Is Your Bible-Based Religion Really Bible-Based?:
Abridging the Bible - Masoretic or Septuagint?:
Biblia Clerus - Reading the Word of God with the Church:
Catholic Bible 101 - Answering the Question “Where is it in the Bible?”:
Daily Gospel:
Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible with Search, Holy Scriptures:
One Church:
Scripture Catholic - Providing Scriptural Evidence for the Teachings of the Catholic Faith:

2 Hearts Network:
A Scriptural Rosary:
Bread on the Waters:
Breviary Hymns:
Catholic Cornucopia:
Catholic Prayers:
Catholic Spot:
Chaplet of Divine Mercy:
ChurchYear.Net - Liturgy, Church Year, and Prayer:
Come, Pray the Rosary - An online Rosary for participation in worldwide or individual prayer:
Devotions & Prayers:
Divine Mercy Apostolate:
e5 Men - men fasting for their brides:
Holy Land Prayer:
Holy Reflections - Holy Cards:
In the Sight of Angels - The Liturgical Year:
Latin Mass Global Registry:
Mary’s Rosary Chain - printed prayer devotional materials:
Portable Altars:
Prayerflowers - God’s Flower Garden - Pray the Rosary:
Prayers to St. Joseph:
Rosary Army:
Rosary Center - Headquarters of The Rosary Confraternity:
Rosary of the Unborn:
Rosary Workshop:
Sacred Heart Church - Prayers:
Sancta Missa - Tutorial on the Tridentine Mass:
The Catholic Liturgical Library:
The Divine Office:
The Divine Office (Liturgy of the Hours):
The Divine Office - Audio mp3 Liturgy of the Hours:
The Liturgy Archive:
The Prayer Group:
The Roman Breviary - The Divine Office:
Thesaurus Precum Latinarum - Treasury of Latin Prayers:

Adventus Christi:
Amazing Catechists:
Ancient and Future Catholics:
Busted Halo:
Called to Communion - Reformation Meets Rome:
Catholic Apologetics International:
Catholic Apologetics Info: - Building Bridges and Healing Division with Evangelicals:
CatholiCity - The Catholic Church Simplified:
Catholics - What Do They Believe?
Catholic Education Resource Center:
Catholic Essentials:
Catholic Pamphlets:
Catholic Stuff You Should Know:
Christendom Awake - dedicated to rebuilding Catholic culture:
Concerned Catholics:
Cultural Catholic - We Like Being Catholic:
Christ’s Faithful People:
Defenders of the Catholic Faith:
Defenders of the Catholic Faith:
Dr. Scott Hahn on the Papacy:
Fish Eaters - The Whys and Hows of Traditional Catholicism:
Free Catholic E-Books:
Jesus Christ Our Saviour/Mary Our Mother:,
Life4seekers: - For Catholic Teenagers:
Matt’s Catholic Apologetics Page:
My Catholic Faith:
My Catholic Tradition:
Our Lady’s Warriors:
The Catholic Legate:
The Catholic Treasure Chest:
The Mystical Rose Catholic Page:
The Roman Theological Forum:
Turris Fortis:
Two-Minute Apologetics:
What is a Mortal Sin?:
Xt3 Library:
New Advent - Holy Bible, Catholic Encyclopedia, early Christian writings:
Original Catholic Encyclopedia:
Bible, Prayer & Homiletic Resources by Fr. Tommy Lane:
Catholic Resources for Bible, Liturgy, Art, and Theology:
The Catholic Forum:

Cath - Catholic Search Engine:

Catholicism: Fulfillment of Judaism
Association of Hebrew Catholics:
Hebrew Catholic Sites:
Salvation is from the Jews:

The Catholic Family
Catholics Come Home:
C’mon Back:
The Coming Home Network:
Why I’m Catholic - Catholic Conversion Stories:

CathFamily - Making the home the heart of the Church:

Support the Pope:

The Media Report - sex abuse - separating fact from fiction:

Catholic Greetings:
EWTN Prayer Intention Cards:

Catholic Wallpapers:

Catholic Identity Card:

Xt3 - more than a social network:
Awestruck - Global Catholic Community: - web solutions for today’s Church:

Culture War Notes:
The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property:

Women for Faith and Family:

The Catholic Church in Micronesia:

Creighton University Online Ministries:

Lent - Quadragesima 2010

Sistine Chapel - Virtual Tour:
St. Peter’s Basilica:

- yet to be categorised list from a Geocities site I made in 2003 -
Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam
All Catholic Network
American Catholic
Amplify Ministries
Andie’s Isle
Angelic Encounters
Apostolate for Catholic Truth
Biblical Evidence for Catholicism
Body Theology
Catholic Agency for Overseas Development
Catholic Answers
Catholic Apologetics Information
Catholic Community Forum
Catholic Concerns
Catholic Culture
Catholic Doors Ministry
Catholic Information Network (CIN)
Catholic Mission Leaflets
Catholic Online
Catholic Pages
Catholic Ragemonkey
Catholic Tradition
Catholic Traditional Resources
Champions of Mary
e-Catholic 2000
Et Cum Spiritu Tuo
Eternal World Television Network
Father Pat’s Place
Holy Spirit Interactive
Humanae Vitae House
Living Catholicism
Marie de Nazareth
National Office for Vocation
Once Catholic
Our Catholic Faith
Peter Li Education Group
Purgatory Project
Road to Emmaus
Roman Catholic Blog
Saint George Church
Sarah’s Archangels
Shrine of the Holy Whapping
Singapore Youth for Christ
St. Lawrence Catholic Resource Site
St. Thomas Aquinas Forum
The Community of the Monks of Adoration
The Crossroads Initiative
The Fifth Column
The Spiritan Foundation
The Voice
The Work of God
Transfiguration Catholic Church
Thesaurus Precum Latinarum
Thomas, BSG
Treasures of Grace
WordBytes - Good News Ministries

Cardinal Newman Society:

Real Love Incorporated:

Eucharistic Adoration
Missionaries of the Blessed Sacrament:
Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Brisbane: - Visit the Savior:
The History of Eucharistic Adoration - Development of Doctrine in the Catholic Church:
The Real Presence Association:
Watch With Me - Documentary:
Where the Candle Burns:

Enchiridion of Indulgences (1968):
Indulgences for the Church Suffering:
Nailing Christ to the Cross - Explaining Purgatory and Indulgences:
The New Enchiridion Indulgentiaruim:
The Raccolta - Collection of Indulgenced Prayers:

Helpers of the Holy Souls - Apostolate of Purgatory:

All For Mary: - notes about your extended family in heaven
Catholic Defenders of Faith in Word and Deed:
Doctors of the Catholic Church:
Hagiography Circle:
Mary Immaculate:
Miniature Stories of the Saints:
Modern Catholic Saints:
Mystics of the Church:
Saint Francis in Frescoes:
Saintly Relics Inc.:
Saints Resource:
St. Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows:
Lives of the Saints:
LOLSaints - Saints with a Smile:
Telling the Stories That Matter:
The Deaths of the Saints:
The Ever Blessed (Virgin Mary):
The Feast of All Saints:
The Seven Archangels:
The Twelve Apostles:

10 Minute Lectures:
A Secular Priest - Fr. Adrian Sharp:
Acta Sanctorum:
Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam:
Ask Sister Mary Martha:
Breaking the Word - Fr. Christopher Soh, SJ:
Bridges and Tangents - Fr. Stephen Wang:
Caput Mundi:
Catholic Bible Student:
Catholic Blog Directory:
Catholic Cartoon Blog:
Catholic Cuisine - Recipes for Celebrating the Feasts and Seasons of the Liturgical Year:
Catholic Deacon:
Catholic Expression:
Catholic Mothers Online:
Catholic Pillow Fight:
Catholic:Under the Hood - Fr. Seraphim Beshoner, TOR:
Cardinal Ratzinger and Catholic Clergy Abuse:
Convert Journal:
Dating God - Franciscan Spirituality for the 21st Century:
Dominican Cooperator Brother - Br. Byrd, OP:
Dominican History:
DominicanSingapore - Fr. David Garcia, OP:
Enlarging the Heart:
Esther’s Aloha Tags:
Ethika Politika - Center for Morality in Public Life:
Faith Journey - Catholic Christian Inner Thoughts:
Father Anthony Ho:
Flos Carmeli:
Guys on Modesty:
Ignis Dei (Carmelite friars):
In Caritate Non Ficta:
In Nomine Domini:
Journey of a Catholic Nerd Writer:
Lingua Latina in Ecclesia Latina:
Making Things Visible:
Mary and Me:
Meditations on the Crucified Jesus:
Monash Catholics:
Musings of a Pertinacious Papist:
My Mother’s Photo Album:
Nun Like Us:
Orare. Docere. Amare.:
Our Lady’s Tears:
Overheard in the Sacristy:
OXYGEN - Daily Scriptural Reflections for the Discerning Catholic:
Plain Catholic in the Mountains:
Pontifex Blogimus:
PRAISE OF GLORY - Elizabeth of the Trinity:
Principium Unitatis - A blog dedicated to the reunion of all Christians:
Psallite Sapienter:
Reflections of a Paralytic:
Ride of the Rohirrim:
Roman Christendom:
Salvation Is an Adventure:
Scribbles of a Catholic Teen:
Scripture & Catholic Tradition:
Secret Harbor (Carthusian writings):
Seeking Jesus:
Seraphic Singles:
Shouts in the Piazza - Fr. Selvester:
Society of St. Gregory the Great:
Sponsa Christi:
St. Andrew the Apostle Parish Blog:
St. Conleth’s Catholic Heritage Association:
Standing on My Head - Fr. Longenecker:
Stuff Catholics Like:
Sub Tuum - Br. Stephen, O.Cist:
That’s So Catholic:
The Acolyte’s Tale:
The Anti-Modernist:
The Art of Apologetics:
The B-Movie Catechism:
The Black Cordelias:
The Catholic Gene:
The Catholic Illustrator’s Guild:
The CathApol Blog:
The Divine Lamp:
The Heresy Hunter:
The Ignatius Press Blog:
The Lord’s Hounds:
The Orate Fratres:
The Recovered Catholic:
The Roman Sacristan:
The Sci Fi Catholic:
The Splendor of the Church:
The Way of the Fathers:
The Western Confucian:
Traditional Latin Mass Propers in English:
Truth Himself:
Una Voce Carmel:
Vexilla Regis:
Victim of Love:
Victor’s Place - Fr. Victor Hoagland, CP:
Vivificat! - Fr. Nicolas Schwizer:
Vultus Christi:
Wanton Popery!:
What Does The Prayer Really Say? - Fr. Z:
What Would GADEL Say?:
Whatever He Says:
Whosoever Desires:
Why I Am Catholic:

Bad Catholic’s Guides: - Your Guide to Catholic Literature:
Catholic Books Review:
Newman Reader:
Peter Kreeft - Featured Writing:
Robert Hugh Benson Unabridged:
Gilbert Magazine Outlining Sanity:
The American Chesterton Society - Common Sense for the World’s Uncommon Nonsense:
The Hebdomadal Chesterton:
UncleChestnut - Introducing GK Chesterton to Children:

Art & Architecture
Aeternus Photoblog:
Art and the Bible:
Carmelite Heritage - holy cards:
Catholic Clipart:
Catholic Eye Candy:
Holy Card Heaven:
Symbols of the Saints in Art:
True Scarlett:

Autom: (half for St. Augustine, half for St. Thomas Aquinas)
Baronius Press:
Bridegroom Press:
Bridge Building Images - Religious Cards & Gifts:
Books For Catholics - Reprinting Catholic Classics for the Next Century:
Catholic Book Publishing:
Catholic Child - For Catholic Youth: Toddler Thru Teen - Books, Games, Movies, Toys, Jewellery, Gifts:
Catholic Home & Garden:
Catholic Prayer Cards:
Catholic Shopper:
Catholic Supply Online:
CatholicNews Book and Media:
Caritas Media & Gifts, Church of the Bl. Sacrament:
Catholic to the Max - Your Site for Everything Catholic:
Christian Supplies:
Connor Court Publishing, Australia:
Divine Mercy Publications:
EWTN Religious Catalogue:
Faith & Flowers:
Faith Hope Love - Booklet Templates & T-shirts:
Fish Fridays - Catholic Christian Goods:
Fraternity Publications:
GivingCart - The Catholic Way to Shop:
HolyLand Gateway:
House of Carmel Religious Books & Gifts:
Nuns & Such - Dolls of Faith:
Nun Dolls - Mininuns - Rita’s Rugs & Robes:
Our Father’s House:
Papal Shop:
Preserving Christian Publications:
Sacred Heart Gifts and Apparel:
Sophia Institute Press:
Saint Benedict Press:
St. Paul’s Book Centre, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Brisbane:
TAN Books:
The Catholic Company:
The Pelican Shop:
Tota Pulchra Beads:
TradeMark Catholic Stationery & Gifts:
Traditional Catholic Goods:
Wee Believers Catholic Toy Company:
VATICAN - The Board Game:

News & Publications
Apple Seeds:
Catholic Digest
Catholic Exchange
Catholic News Agency
Catholic News Service
Catholic News Live - Aggregating Catholic news and blog feeds from around the world:
Catholic World News
Communio - International Catholic Review:
Holy See Press Office - Vatican Information Service:
Independent Catholic News
Mother of All Peoples:
My Friend Magazine
National Catholic Reporter
New Oxford Review: - Online Catholic News Portal:
Singapore Catholic News
ONE Magazine:
The Catholic Leader:
The Catholic Report:
The Majellan
The Wanderer:
The Word Among Us
ZENIT - The World Seen From Rome

Media - Audio & Video; Music
A Treasury of Christmas Carols (& some non-X’mas):
Audio Sancto:
Catholic Ipod - Listen. Be faithful. Be Catholic.: - Catholic music 2 live Your Faith @ FULL VOLUME:
Catholic Mobile:
Catholic Music Express:
Catholic Radio Association:
Catholic Tube - Broadcasting Christ and His Church to the World:
Corpus Christi Watershed:
Immaculate Heart Radio:
Gloria.TV - The More Catholic, The Better:
GrapeVine - Read, watch, listen, and talk about your favorite Catholic music:
MusicaSacra - Dedicated to Sacred Music in Catholic Liturgy:
Monastery Podcast - Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration: - Jesuit Martyrs of North America:
Rome Reports:
Saint Michael’s Media - Overcoming the Darkness:
St. Lalande Library of Rare Books:
That Catholic Show - Catholicism Like You’ve Never Seen Before:
The Recovering Choir Director:
The World Family of Radio Maria:
Top Catholic Songs:
Traditional Catholic Hymns MIDI Index:
Traditional Catholic MIDI Files:
Real Catholic TV:
Vatican Radio:
Vatican YouTube:
Word on Fire:

some of these may not be Catholic, but they are
The Web’s Only Pro-Life Search Engine:
Abortion Changes You:
Abortion Facts:
Abortion is the UnChoice - Unwanted. Unsafe. Unfair.:
American Life League’s Pro-Life Store:
Atheist and Agnostic Pro-Life League:
Brown Pelican Society of Louisiana:
Fetal development - MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopaedia:
Humanae Vitae House - Pro-Life Links:
Live Action:
Picturing Fetal Remains:
Pregnancy Counselling Australia:
Pro Bikers for Life:
Pro-Life Action League:
Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity:
Pro-Life Pharmacy:
Silent No More Awareness Campaign:
The Silent Scream:
To Be Born:
World Coalition Against the Death Penalty:

Also see: My Favourite Catholic Albums

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